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The biggest festival held in Brno the fireworks festival Ignis Brunensis. This Latin name means “the Flame of Brno”; it’s part of a festival with the bold name “Brno – City in the Centre of Europe”. Ignis Brunensis is the biggest show of its kind held in Central Europe, and this event usually attracts one or two hundred thousand visitors every day it’s being held. The next international festival is the Cinema Mundi (a Latin name which means something like “the Cinematography of the World”); it shows about 60 films competing for Oscar nomination in Best Foreign Language Film.

Festival Brno

The Theatre World Brno is another international festival annually held in the city where the Brno theatres and the city centre stage around one hundred performances by national and foreign ensembles. There are many other festivals regularly held in Brno, for instance, the International Music Festival Brno, the Spilberk International Music Festival, the Summer Shakespeare Festival and many others.

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