Brno City Guide

Things to Do

Normally, whenever the words “Brno” and “special events” are uttered within the same sentence, “trade fair” is usually the phrase that follows. Lots of fairs hosted in the BW exhibition area of Brno are top-class showcases of industrial machinery, technology and even pampered pets. A word of warning regarding these fairs: Hotels generally hike up their rates unashamedly. So, if you will not watch a dog show or a tractor, it is better to circumvent fair times completely. You will discover an events calendar at

Brno also hosts music events, such as Morayský Podzim (the International Brno Music Festival) in October and September and the Janáček Music Festival in June. Nonetheless, the event that is perhaps most attended happens every August with the Grand Prix Motorcycle tour, which comes to town to use the Brno Circuit.

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