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Brno is a relatively safe city; crimes of violence are very seldom.  Below we list some of our recommendations:

Try to avoid the main train station after dark as it attracts many homeless people; the usual caution applies.

In the very centre, you may come across beggars. Although they seldom cause any problems (rude gestures, offensive shouting), it is recommended not to give them any money.

If you travel by car, don’t keep luggage and valuables visible in your car and try to remove the CD player – even if it is a rented car. If staying in a hotel, don’t leave valuables (including your passport) in unattended hotel rooms. Instead, use hotel safe or, even better, not take them for your trip, unless you have to.

Another problem for tourists might be pick-pocketing at some crowded areas or public transport (be aware of the gipsies).  In some cases, they might use children to distract you or convince you to hand something over. In other cases, they might take matters into their own hands.

Finally, be careful when crossing the street. The law in Brno is to stop for pedestrians as soon as they step into the street, but many drivers don’t, and accidents do occur. Be sure that vehicles are truly going to stop before you attempt to cross a street.

Pickpockets in Brno

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