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Brno Public Transport

Well organized Public Transport System consists of 13 tram lines, 13 trolleybus lines and almost 40 day and 11-night bus lines, covering the whole Brno and major part of the Southern Moravia Region. Daytime transport ends up at 11 pm, the night buses go hourly and have a central transfer node at Main Station.

The local public transport system is interconnected with regional public transport into one integrated system called IDS JMK and directly connects also a few nearby municipalities with the city. Its main operator is the DPmB company (Brno City Transport Company) which also operates a ferry route serving mainly for recreational purposes at the Brno Dam Lake, and for interested also a tourist minibus providing a brief tour of the city. In the summer, riverboats ( run between 11 stops on the Brno water reservoir.

For journeys within the city, a non-transfer ticket (valid 10 min and costs 14 CZK), short transfer ticket (valid 15 min and costs 18 CZK), and long transfer ticket (60 min and costs 22 CZK) are available. Tickets are available at yellow ticket vending machines at bus and tram stops and also railway station counters. You can buy the 60-minute ticket at the driver for 30 CZK.

South Moravia Region is divided into tariff zones, and the Brno itself consists of two zones. Tickets are valid on all buses and local trains (category Os, Sp and R). The price varies on the number of zones you travel over.

One-day network ticket cost 80 CZK for Brno city and 190 CZK for the whole region. On weekends up to two adults and three children can travel on a single network ticket.

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